Tuesday, February 28, 2017

That moment.....

when you realise it’s the last day of February and no, you don’t have a couple more days before the end of the month to do a blog post!!!  So, here I am, squeezing in a February post with a few hours to spare!

Once again February has been a mix of things, busy for the first half and slightly less so the second half.  I do have two small finishes to share and one small new start.

First up, I have finished The Gardener from BBD’s Garden Club series….

This one I looked forward to stitching but I seem to get bogged down in it and found that, for whatever reason, I was glad to finish it and be able to move on.  It is such a pretty square with the delicate colours but it became something of a chore to stitch.

That makes 7 stitched and 5 to go.  It feels good to be more than halfway now and I’m hoping that’s the impetus I need to keep going with them.  I would really like to have them all stitched in the next few months but, we’ll see!!!

I’ve made a start on How Does the Lily Grow, 10th in the series.  This is another pretty square with delicate colours.

And the final piece I can share is the finished Fa La La Snowman freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart which I had started last time round….

I do like this little guy and as I already have plans to send him to a new home at Christmas it means I’ll likely be stitching him again for myself. 

So there we have it, my February update.  Not much to share but I guess steady progress!!  It seems hard to believe that it will be March tomorrow – Spring just around the corner – can’t wait!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I really do appreciate that you take time to leave them especially when I am not the regular blogger I used to be.

Until next time……

Friday, January 27, 2017

January jottings......

Hi everyone!  It has been a quiet month where stitching is concerned and a busy month where family is concerned – nothing major, just life.  I do have a little bit of stitching to share but the main thing I wanted to do was give a long overdue public ‘thank you’ to Carol over at Stitching Dreams for the lovely Christmas package she sent my way.  This package took its time but reached me safely in the end which is the most important thing!

This was the delight that awaited me when I opened the envelope!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Carol is very much the queen of over one stitching and finishing and I think we can also add in stitching on black fabric!  Black as a fabric colour I totally avoid using as I know how frustrated I would become even with using a magnifying glass!  Carol knows how much I love a Prairie Schooler Santa and this is another beauty to add to my collection.

Also inside the envelope were these goodies….

I love stitching autumn/Halloween designs and this chart is firmly on my ‘to stitch’ list for this year. These ribbons will be put to good use, as will the fabric.  I have to admit, something is missing from this picture – chocolate!!!  That has long since been eaten!  Thank you again Carol, it is always such a joy opening your gifts.

On the stitching front?  Well, not very much.  I have some thoughts on what I’d like to stitch this year but, as yet, I haven’t gathered things together.  I do want to finish BBD’s Garden Club Series and have made a start on that (then promptly ground to a halt!!)…..

 this is the extent of my stitching on The Gardener, #9 in the series….

I do want to continue stitching Christmas on Sundays throughout the year but last Sunday was the first where I did actually manage to do that!   Towards Christmas last year this one was popping up on IG and it reminded me that it was one I’ve always planned to stitch, the Plum Pudding Needleart freebie Fa La La.  Roll round to last Sunday and I did find time to sit down and make a start.

And yes, that is the sad, sorry amount of stitching I’ve accomplished so far this month!!  Life should be a little calmer come the middle of February and then, hopefully my needle will be flying through fabric and I’ll have lots to share!
Hope all is well with you and yours.

Until next time….